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Founded in 2003, InterMedia is an integrated marketing fulfillment company headquartered in Mumbai, India. We work with our customers to offer,

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Rewards & Recognition Solutions: Awards & Trophies | Corporate Merchandising | Gift Articles
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Based on your unique requirement, we believe there is a solution that we could offer.

The times, they are a changing!

Have you felt that getting qualified leads has become more challenging? Having got one, how soon are you able to convert that lead into a customer? And how do you ensure that the customer you have just acquired remains loyal over an extended period of time? If you face similar challenges, there is a case for us to engage in a dialogue. At least that way, we could work together to explore ideas on newer ways to communicate.

By virtue of our experience in communication fulfillment and our ongoing association with leading marketing forums such as PODi & Direct Marketing Association of India (DMAI) we are able to offer our customers global best practices relevant to their specific industry in areas as diverse as lead generation, customer acquisition, customer retention and loyalty. While we offer no quick-fix solutions, we listen very intently to our customers and thereafter leverage the power of strategy, creativity and execution to help our customers succeed in their desired marketing objective.

We work with a variety of tools such as Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Personalised Landing Page Applications, Lumpy Mailers, Conventional and Personalised Direct Mail, Promotions & Premiums to extract more bang for your buck; thereby leading to greater ROI on your marketing investments.


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