November 2, 2009

A few good wins!

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The efforts that were put in over the last 3 months finally seem to be bearing fruit. We had a few good wins this week – almost $100K of orders in the last 7 days!

One of the biggies was a set of wall calendar, writing pads and greeting cards for one of our clients where we worked hard with our paper supplier to offer a unique kind of paper that is not regularly used. Now the challenge is to deliver in excess of 20,000 units of each of the elements with overprinting/ personalisation in less than three weeks!

The other win for us has been for our Corporate Gifting Team where we won an order for 10,000 premiums for one of our recent customers. We had to stave off a stiff challenge to emerge victorious.

With our Email Marketing solution being scheduled for demos this week, we believe the next big news will be on that front. Keep visiting to read more..


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October 1, 2009

Hello! Welcome to Intermedia

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1st Oct 2009 | By Rajesh Nair

InterMedia Re-branded

When InterMedia started off in 2004 we operated with the tagline Everything in Print. And Beyond. As a predominantly print-focused organisation, it was imperative that the Visual Communication reflect our focus on Print-based Fulfillment. It had worked well for us all these years but as time went by we realised that we were offering services that were far in excess of pure-play Print and hence the skew towards Print might not effectively convey the DNA of who or what we are.

While most of our existing customers instinctively pick up the phone to speak to us for a variety of services – be it Design, Print Production, Corporate Gifting, CD Replication, Interactive Multimedia etc. we realised that it could become a potential bottleneck in due course of time with customers whom we hadn’t interfaced with. Besides, our earlier website, by being an extension of our Corporate Brochure didn’t reflect the diversity of services at our organisation.

Therefore, the team at InterMedia brainstormed; and we brainstormed quite hard and long. We tried to capture the essence of what is it that we bring to the table as far as our customers were concerned. After almost one full day of deliberation, arguments, counter-arguments and endless cups of tea & coffee we distilled our offerings into three distinct words.

Integrated          Marketing           Fulfillment

So what do these words signify?


Considering the span of services we offer, both offline & online and their inter-linkages with each other. While each of the services we offer are distinct and can stand alone by themselves, yet they form the building blocks of a larger whole.


The key business function that we serve both as an external business development activity as well as communication to internal stakeholders.


Reaching products & services from YOU, the client to your end-customers through a multitude of touch points such as Large Volume Print, Variable Data Printing, Direct Mailers, Email Marketing, Personalised Landing Pages, CD/ DVDs, Interactive Multimedia and Rewards & Recognitions.

We have retained the earlier colour scheme of Red & Black in our logo to ensure a sense of familiarity and continuity with our earlier brand identity.

We have used a more contemporary and stronger styling for the way InterMedia is written, with the Circle in the background depicting Integration, Collaboration and Completion.

The Stylised “i” is ‘The Thinking Individual’ at InterMedia who plays the key role of being the fulcrum of all customer activity by listening intently, advising correctly and executing effectively; thus leading to customer delight each and every time.

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