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As an employee-friendly organisation you realise that effective employee recognition enhances employee motivation and satisfaction, increases productivity, and greatly contributes to improved organizational performance. Organizations that do employee recognition well tend to have a recognition strategy and architecture that are integrated, multi-faceted, and multi-tiered. InterMedia works with companies for their Rewards & Recognition Programs by providing incredibly unique and clutter-busting Awards & Trophies.


We offer Awards & Trophies in Acrylic, Wood, Pewter, Crystal, Metal and Ceramic by both manufacturing at our facility in Southern India as well as importing and maintaining stock of exclusive Awards & Trophies from US, Brazil and Malaysia in Metal, Metallised Alloy, Ceramic and Pewter.

For our Acrylic Trophies & Medals,

  1. We only use premium European Acrylic resulting in a higher sheen
  2. Our trophies are precision-cut & bevelled using CNC Routers resulting in a uniform finished piece every time
  3. We can custom-make trophies exactly as per your design
  4. Each individual piece is personalised by Laser Engraving it
  5. And to top it all, each piece is packaged separately lending it an air of exclusivity

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