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CD/ DVD Replication

Do you need to send your Multimedia Presentation to your buyer abroad on CDs? Or do you wish to share the memorable moments of your employees’ offsite on a DVD? Hitting the Exhibitions / Expo season and need CDs / DVDs by the thousands?
Are you someone based outside of India looking for cost-effective replication solutions? Then we at InterMedia have the answer.


Working with some of the largest IT / High-Tech OEMs in India, we understand what turnaround time is all about! As a mission-critical operation that has the potential to cause line-stoppage on the shop floor we have fine tuned the processes required to deliver Large Volume, Time-Sensitive consignments. Backed by top-of-the-line infrastructure and with a capacity to deliver at least 55,000 CDs and 25,000 DVDs every day, we are well equipped to handle any delivery challenge that you might have. With standard packaging options as well as custom-packaging we can typically turnaround a large order within 72-96 hours for quantities in excess of 20,000 units. Now, how’s that for speed?

We are equally adept in offering both short run duplication (quantities ranging from 50 to 500) with Inlay Card Printing, On-CD Labelling and Jewel Case / Window Envelope insertion (with less than 6 hours of turnaround time) as well as large runs in thousands with Stamper Making, On-CD Printing (either Silk Screen or Offset) and Packaging it for you.


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