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As a marketer, the toughest job one faces is reaching your prospect with your message; and it becomes doubly difficult when your prospect is a C-Level Executive. In study after study, it has been proven without doubt that Lumpy or Dimensional Mailers elicit a far greater open and response rate than regular two-dimensional mailers.

Our experience shows that an innovative Lumpy Mailer when executed well creates a lot of buzz and excitement, gets shown around and does get discussed. We have used Lumpy Direct Mailers successfully for both our self-marketing programs as well as for some of our customers.


Lumpy Mailer usually means boxes that have something three dimensional inside as a trigger for the sales conversation. It is a fantastic tool to get an appointment and the purpose of Lumpy Direct is typically that of a “Lead Generator/ Appointment Getter” and should not be used a “Sale-Closer”; this helps to set expectations and marketing metrics.
The value of the mailer increases manifold when it is personalised to the recipient.
There is a fine line that separates the spectacular from the Average Joe when it comes to Lumpy Direct and here are a few points that need to be borne when undertaking Lumpy Direct Mailers.

  • It is very important to have a connect between your message and what’s in the box
  • The item inside should not be of very high value lest it be misconstrued as a bribe
  • Keep the packaging simple and easy for the prospect to open
  • From a “Cost per Piece Produced” perspective Lumpy Mailers are more expensive but from a “Value per Piece Generated” they are many multiples more profitable. Hence the ROI works in favour of Lumpy Direct when executed well
  • The Average Joe mailers do not have a clear Call-to-Action for the prospect
Remember, you only get one chance to make a great first impression.

Therefore talk to the Lumpy Direct Experts.


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