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As Managers if we sit down to calculate the time one spends in approving proofs, localising ads for a specific region, issuing corporate stationery, chasing vendors for your Training Courseware you would realise that it is a huge drain on your corporate resources.

What if there was a process to seamlessly make available standardised templates, approve proofs online, place orders, set re-order levels across your organisation? What if there was a single source to make this happen?

In order to facilitate this process and to offer a self-service model, we at InterMedia are currently testing our Web2Print process. This will help consolidate an organisation’s entire print requirements from Corporate Stationery to Marketing Collaterals, from HR Documentation to Training Manuals under a secure login for each customer by division by location so as to allow centralised approval, pre-approved localised content creation and real-time distribution for print.

We strongly believe that as companies look to drive efficiencies throughout their processes, our solution will offer a measurable ROI to the stakeholders. 
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